Friday, February 13, 2009

flea market friday!

so my loves; i've had quite a lovely valentine's eve. the boy and i spent the day relaxing and headed to the flea market! i found quite a few lovely treasures. mostly books and magazines to rip up for my new hobby...collaging! but we can talk about that later! also in about forty five minutes i receive my valentines gifts from my lover. i'm so excited to see what they are! i will be very busy at work tomorrow, we are having a valentine's special! "bring your sweetie, buy one hair cut, get one 50% off!!" it's a really good deal. anyways, on to today's outfit!
i was a hot mess today, i just wanted to relax and i couldn't be bothered to get ready really, sooo... im wearing vintage sunglasses and cuff bracelet, juicy couture necklace, abercrombie and fitch cami, juicy couture sweater, antik denim jeans, and roxy wedges. relaxed but cute!
yes this is my gorgeous, ahem, "borrowed" chair, mentioned in my previous post. i am so in love with it and it is going to look fabulous with my new couch, arriving on monday! so it was definitely worth the hikes. its probably not even antique, its probably like 1999 ikea. i love it dearly either way.
i was feeling quite inspired today, i read thumbelina's blog [here] and saw her beautiful scrapbook and could not help to be inspired! i also found alot of inspiration on weheartit [here] and on this tumblr [here]. i got all my supplies ready and just went to town on my first ever collage, and, if i do say so myself...isn't too bad! im quite proud actually. it is right below, what do you think? it has so many little details that are hard to capture with my horrible camera and even worse photography! i had so much fun though! i need to get my hands on more magazines. i already raided my salon for all the old ones. im not sure where to get more?
now i'm off to receive my presents, take a shower, have a cup of tea, and wish i knew where to buy these adorable french macaroons! i hope you all have the most wonderful valentines day! xoxo


  1. If that is your idea of a "hot mess" lord knows what you would call mine. I like to fancy myself marykate homeless chic at times haha.

  2. I love your collage! Very nice! You should see if there are any used bookstores around that sell magazines! Have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

  3. I love your blog! Your outfit is so cute and I adore the collage! Can't wait for more!


  4. Oh I can't wait to hear what you got for Valentines day!

    I am so inspired by people who make collages and take the time to write in a journal - i wish i was more like that! Your very first collage is beautiful, looking forward to seeing more!

    The chair is really gorgeous, I am glad you... "borrowed"... it. it was worth the adventure :p

    The juicy couture sweater looks so warm and comfy!
    Hope you had a fabulous weekend darling!

  5. ooo macarons ! how lovely ..and yummy !


thanks for the note lovely =]