Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sniffles; dreadful snow; patiserrie treats etc.

for the past two days i've been stuck in the loft with the sniffles! i, nor nermal, appreciate this weather making me sick. i mean honestly, would you believe it was forty-seven degrees here yesterday? and now, yes, it is snowing! how dreadful.
i just had to venture out though, sick or not, actually...especially sick! i needed something sweet from the patisserie. the journey was terrible, traffic, slush, ambulances everywhere. but, alas, i made it. well worth it i must say. snowball cookies, strawberry delights, and sweet baklava. mmmm.
then of course; i put on a film to occupy my ears while on my macbook for hours on end. what else is a snow stuck, sniffly girl to do? so i put amelie on repeat and let it go on for hours. it's one of my favorite films; i think because of how quirky it is. and it is sweet, yet in some instances just akward...if you know what i mean? if you haven't seen it you absolutely must.
and with me for these adventures, of course, is nermal. the albino baby rat. i know, i know, you hear "rat" and think less of her. but truely, she is so sweet! never a bite or nip, and just wants to run, play, explore, and be loved. kind of like every girl i know? hmmm.
well; i'm fairly sure that is all for today. no outfit pictures or anything of the sort today, im in pajamas and look dreadful and ill. yuck!

au revoir my loves.


  1. Waooo! Nermal looks so kawaii-desuu!! I would love to pet her! She looks so soft ^___^

  2. you are lovely your blog is lovely.
    i love it!

  3. nermal thanks you for the love; im sure lol.

    aw and thanks meaghan<33 you are quite the same!


  4. Ik hope you are feeling better soon! Love the blog!

  5. Hope you feel better Allyssa I love your blog I'll be following ;)

  6. thank you dears for the feel better wishes! i just woke up and i do believe i feel better!! <3333 xoxo

  7. love ths blog, started follow you too :)
    thanks for the comment <3 feel better:)

  8. thank you for your comment on my blog! i love your blog banner. did you draw that picture? hope u're feeling better soon =)

  9. I love your picture with Nermal! It looks very Amelie-esque. ha ha. Absolutely LOVE that movie! Are you living in France? I wish I had a patisserie below near my house too. Anyways,I love your blog so far! Ta.

  10. oh my gosh! rat is adorable. i want a nermal!

    /maisie #1


thanks for the note lovely =]