Sunday, March 1, 2009

oh my loves; how i apologize. i myself am going through an odd...transformation? not quite, but either way i feel something inside; waiting to be unleashed! i am taking a leave of the internet for an as of now undetermined amount of time, not as though i wont be browsing the internet, but i will not be contributing, mostly. no blogging, no facebook, no myspace. i will, erratically, post on tumblr, simple pictures, lines, quotes, in a slight experiment, of living my life for myself, not others, not an actress of the universe, but a person living for themselves, by which one may become enlightened, i know it all sound a little self indulgent, as it is, because i have been reading countless books, on my new amazon kindle, about all sorts of subjects, including enlightenment. i also have been truly and deeply trapped by a novel called "the thirteenth tale" which i really urge someone, anyone to read, so that i may share this book that has really made an impact on me. my life is now made up of reading, lots of the gym, tons more reading, cooking, nutrition, health, quiet thinking on the beach and in the shower hours on end, and throw in a few dashes of work, shopping, and being with my love, and time with my family. my life is going down a road im seeming to enjoy. i will let you all know my results soon enough, and i will miss you all. you can see small glimpses to my days on tumblr, here, and for now, that is all, and i bid you adieu.

Friday, February 13, 2009

flea market friday!

so my loves; i've had quite a lovely valentine's eve. the boy and i spent the day relaxing and headed to the flea market! i found quite a few lovely treasures. mostly books and magazines to rip up for my new hobby...collaging! but we can talk about that later! also in about forty five minutes i receive my valentines gifts from my lover. i'm so excited to see what they are! i will be very busy at work tomorrow, we are having a valentine's special! "bring your sweetie, buy one hair cut, get one 50% off!!" it's a really good deal. anyways, on to today's outfit!
i was a hot mess today, i just wanted to relax and i couldn't be bothered to get ready really, sooo... im wearing vintage sunglasses and cuff bracelet, juicy couture necklace, abercrombie and fitch cami, juicy couture sweater, antik denim jeans, and roxy wedges. relaxed but cute!
yes this is my gorgeous, ahem, "borrowed" chair, mentioned in my previous post. i am so in love with it and it is going to look fabulous with my new couch, arriving on monday! so it was definitely worth the hikes. its probably not even antique, its probably like 1999 ikea. i love it dearly either way.
i was feeling quite inspired today, i read thumbelina's blog [here] and saw her beautiful scrapbook and could not help to be inspired! i also found alot of inspiration on weheartit [here] and on this tumblr [here]. i got all my supplies ready and just went to town on my first ever collage, and, if i do say so myself...isn't too bad! im quite proud actually. it is right below, what do you think? it has so many little details that are hard to capture with my horrible camera and even worse photography! i had so much fun though! i need to get my hands on more magazines. i already raided my salon for all the old ones. im not sure where to get more?
now i'm off to receive my presents, take a shower, have a cup of tea, and wish i knew where to buy these adorable french macaroons! i hope you all have the most wonderful valentines day! xoxo

Thursday, February 12, 2009

lazy lying whoreeee!

i am a lazy lying whore! honestly. =] i haven't written to you my darlings in days! the only photos ive taken were with my blackberry! i didnt take any outfit photos. and i lied and said id blog the other night and did not. told you, lazy lying whore! lets do a quick week review, shall we? first of all i finished reading "through the looking glass", which i enjoyed immensely. especially the poem "jabberwocky". i am also fairly sure i have committed a federal crime. i will try to explain it as best as possible, without incriminating myself of course. "well i was at a state park where i often visit, there was an antique cast iron garden chair trapped down were it did not belong and could not be reached, so i admired it from afar for a few years and wondered how it came to be down there. then one day while at the park, it was gone! so as i looked around the building more i found it was behind a wall, just sitting there! so i plotted an elaborate plan and hiked through the woods and left the chair in a bush by the roadside and picked it up with my car later!" ahem. it is so gorgeous. i will show you all soon.

the following day i decided to take a browse through marshalls, which if you dont know, is a discount retailer. the store is quite often a jumbled mess. designer clothes shoved in with no name and all sizes mixed up. its sort of like a treasure hunt for me. i quite often find a good piece of juicy couture for about forty to fifty percent off. but, this hunt, i hit the jackpot! a large oversize black sweater, gorgeously comfy, and so "in" right now. and you will never guess the deal i got! but i will tell you!

no my dolls, your eyes are NOT deceiving you, my gorgeous sweater was originally two hundred and seventy eight dollars. and i got it on clearance for twenty nine dollars. it was just hidden among all the extra larges, my beautiful find. you should have seen my face. im fairly sure the people around me thought i had just won the lottery. that is the most inexpensively ive ever found juicy, and i will be sure to take a picture when i wear it. i also got some borba reviving mist, have you ever tried borba products? theyre amazing! the gummie bears work wonders and taste delicious! you can find borba here.
last night my friend christina and i went to a night club for their valentines party, and in honor of the occasion i wore a red corset. i also purchased that at marshalls, for, guess, guess, guess, okay...six dollars! cute eh? i didnt have the greatest time at the club though, i saw too many ex boyfriends, seeing even one ex boyfriend is too many, dont you agree? and a girl who i used to consider a really good friend who betrayed me too many times kept giving me dirty looks, although they were hard to see through her her "stunna shades", lord help us all.

today we purchased a new couch, which i cannot wait to get on monday so i can show you all and most importantly cuddle up on it and blog. we then proceeded to lunch with my mother and step father, their treat, my favorite! hehe. i also purchased a ball for nermal to run in, since she seems so very afraid of the wheel in her cage. doesn't she look so sweet in her pink ball? i just adore her. i also got to take a little nap with my chihuahua, holly! i just love her little face. i am now off to go find my bliss in a tub full of bubbles with a smoothie! and now seeing my week all written out, it does not seem that busy, but it was i swear i swear. au revoir for now my loves. xoxo
oh ps; i got a pedicure and the color looks like the ocean, a quiet wish for summer. and pss; got download lily allen - "the fear" nownownow!

Friday, February 6, 2009

detox/cleanse/diet etc!

i have very much decided, per, miss gwyneth paltrow, [here] that i will be doing a smoothie regimen for 5-7 days, depending on my willpower, of course. i was considering doing something such as the master cleanse, but i deem that much too extreme and dreadful for a lady such as myself! so i went to the market today, and bought;
  • blueberries
  • blackberries
  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • pineapple
  • peaches
  • honeydew melon
  • cantaloupe
and stole a blender from my mothers basement, new in box! as well as a steamer/deep fryer and a stand mixer! oh the things my mother just keeps in boxes. so i shall be eating, well drinking, to be exact, only liquefied fruits. if someone can live on lemon maple cayenne water for fourteen days, i may live on fruit smoothies, i am sure.

i have just finished eating my last solid food, a chicken burrito, delicious may i add. and have just watched "miss pettigrew lives for a day" and am quite inspired to take a long relaxing bath. and i may even tie my hair in a scarf! if only there was a tutorial for how to tie it so lovely as miss amy adams does above. i have also decided that tomorrow along with starting my cleanse, i am going to have a wonderful day at work, pre-decided. i will look fabulous and feel fabulous, therefore, my haircuts will come out, obviously, fabulous, pre-decided as well. that's all there is to it really. thank you all for the feel better wishes and positivity. i'm loving you all my dears, sincerely, who says you can't love new friends just as much as ones you've always had? hmm?

tell me what you all are up to tomorrow; so ill have fun things to read at work in between clients. xo

Thursday, February 5, 2009

i wish i wish i wish...

i wish i was more crafty; like many of the ladies here on blogger.
i wish i "loved" doing hair; as much as the other hairdressers i meet.
i wish everytime i took one step forward, in my career, i didnt take three steps back.
i wish i found more joy in little things.
i wish it were summer.
i wish i never had cancer.
i wish i didnt cry so easily.
i wish i had more than one %100 honest friend.
i wish i was more easily creative.
i wish i could think of another career i'd semi enjoy besides hairdressing.
i wish if i found said other career, i could afford to go to college.
i wish i had more sympathy and empathy for other people.
i wish i had health insurance.
i wish my boyfriend, who is the perfect boyfriend btw, finished college.

but most of all, these three things,
i wish i wasnt so hard on myself
i wish i didnt complain so much
i wish i was more grateful for the things i do have

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

lazy days for a not so boring lady =x

hello my darlings! so this morning i woke up feeling...almost fabulous! i am recovering! how lovely. i believe by tomorrow i will be one hundred percent. the only reason i thing i feel better is vitamin d! and of course tea, i have this tea i got from my local chinese restaurant called "good taste tea" that i think has magical healing powers. even though it says its made in brooklyn, not china. they gave me a big bag of like fifty of them last time i went! but honestly, since i started taking vitamin d i feel so much more energetic and happy. it really is the cure for the winter blues! please try it if winter has you feeling down. and of course kettle corn helps too. hehe.
then instead of doing all the things i need to do today; i lazed around and relaxed, so as not to delay my full recovery. took a long relaxing bath and went to work, which was very slow. although i am sort of semi thankful because i am in a hair cutting rut! every gentleman's haircut i seem to do has been coming out...well, not my best! which is unacceptable to me. i'm hoping to blame it on being under the weather! i am home once again, relaxing, once again. tomorrow will be more eventful my loves, i promise, really i do. i'm off to relax and read all of your lovely blogs with a cup of "cloud 9" tea from teavana! xo

au revoir

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sniffles; dreadful snow; patiserrie treats etc.

for the past two days i've been stuck in the loft with the sniffles! i, nor nermal, appreciate this weather making me sick. i mean honestly, would you believe it was forty-seven degrees here yesterday? and now, yes, it is snowing! how dreadful.
i just had to venture out though, sick or not, actually...especially sick! i needed something sweet from the patisserie. the journey was terrible, traffic, slush, ambulances everywhere. but, alas, i made it. well worth it i must say. snowball cookies, strawberry delights, and sweet baklava. mmmm.
then of course; i put on a film to occupy my ears while on my macbook for hours on end. what else is a snow stuck, sniffly girl to do? so i put amelie on repeat and let it go on for hours. it's one of my favorite films; i think because of how quirky it is. and it is sweet, yet in some instances just akward...if you know what i mean? if you haven't seen it you absolutely must.
and with me for these adventures, of course, is nermal. the albino baby rat. i know, i know, you hear "rat" and think less of her. but truely, she is so sweet! never a bite or nip, and just wants to run, play, explore, and be loved. kind of like every girl i know? hmmm.
well; i'm fairly sure that is all for today. no outfit pictures or anything of the sort today, im in pajamas and look dreadful and ill. yuck!

au revoir my loves.