Thursday, February 12, 2009

lazy lying whoreeee!

i am a lazy lying whore! honestly. =] i haven't written to you my darlings in days! the only photos ive taken were with my blackberry! i didnt take any outfit photos. and i lied and said id blog the other night and did not. told you, lazy lying whore! lets do a quick week review, shall we? first of all i finished reading "through the looking glass", which i enjoyed immensely. especially the poem "jabberwocky". i am also fairly sure i have committed a federal crime. i will try to explain it as best as possible, without incriminating myself of course. "well i was at a state park where i often visit, there was an antique cast iron garden chair trapped down were it did not belong and could not be reached, so i admired it from afar for a few years and wondered how it came to be down there. then one day while at the park, it was gone! so as i looked around the building more i found it was behind a wall, just sitting there! so i plotted an elaborate plan and hiked through the woods and left the chair in a bush by the roadside and picked it up with my car later!" ahem. it is so gorgeous. i will show you all soon.

the following day i decided to take a browse through marshalls, which if you dont know, is a discount retailer. the store is quite often a jumbled mess. designer clothes shoved in with no name and all sizes mixed up. its sort of like a treasure hunt for me. i quite often find a good piece of juicy couture for about forty to fifty percent off. but, this hunt, i hit the jackpot! a large oversize black sweater, gorgeously comfy, and so "in" right now. and you will never guess the deal i got! but i will tell you!

no my dolls, your eyes are NOT deceiving you, my gorgeous sweater was originally two hundred and seventy eight dollars. and i got it on clearance for twenty nine dollars. it was just hidden among all the extra larges, my beautiful find. you should have seen my face. im fairly sure the people around me thought i had just won the lottery. that is the most inexpensively ive ever found juicy, and i will be sure to take a picture when i wear it. i also got some borba reviving mist, have you ever tried borba products? theyre amazing! the gummie bears work wonders and taste delicious! you can find borba here.
last night my friend christina and i went to a night club for their valentines party, and in honor of the occasion i wore a red corset. i also purchased that at marshalls, for, guess, guess, guess, okay...six dollars! cute eh? i didnt have the greatest time at the club though, i saw too many ex boyfriends, seeing even one ex boyfriend is too many, dont you agree? and a girl who i used to consider a really good friend who betrayed me too many times kept giving me dirty looks, although they were hard to see through her her "stunna shades", lord help us all.

today we purchased a new couch, which i cannot wait to get on monday so i can show you all and most importantly cuddle up on it and blog. we then proceeded to lunch with my mother and step father, their treat, my favorite! hehe. i also purchased a ball for nermal to run in, since she seems so very afraid of the wheel in her cage. doesn't she look so sweet in her pink ball? i just adore her. i also got to take a little nap with my chihuahua, holly! i just love her little face. i am now off to go find my bliss in a tub full of bubbles with a smoothie! and now seeing my week all written out, it does not seem that busy, but it was i swear i swear. au revoir for now my loves. xoxo
oh ps; i got a pedicure and the color looks like the ocean, a quiet wish for summer. and pss; got download lily allen - "the fear" nownownow!


  1. You are a fabulous little criminal and I can't believe the juicy find!! I thought my $150 JC coat at Nordies Rack was good, but you WIN!

    Ewww ex boyfriends. don't you just wish they would disappear forever?

    Your chihuahua looks like mine, Bella! Bella and Holly how cute! I need to post some pictures of that biatch. :)

    Have a lovely evening doll!

  2. Hey love,
    Yes I went to Joe Blacoe Makeup Academy in LA and then started working behind the counter at Lancome, Estee, and finally MAC where I've since became a member of the Pro team.

    You don't necessarily have to go to school. For MAC, the best way is to get in as a freelancer...bring your resume to any mac store, ask to talk to the manager, and then they have interviews where you will need to bring a model and do two looks-day and night.

    Let me know if you have any other questions! Where do you live? I know lots of the MAC family and I'd totally make a call for you!!! :)

  3. Do lots of makeup on your friends and yourself and find photographers and models who will do Trade For Print, thats another way to start. Put yourself on modelmayhem

    There's always people who want to build up their own portfolios looking for makeup artists.

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous week and I am very impressed with the chair you.. borrowed. Honestly, good work for taking it, no one else was using it so you should!
    Sorry the nightclub wasn't enjoyable for you, ex boyfriends and ex friends with "stunna shades" (oh god) does not sound like a lot of fun. You looked beautiful however!

    A bath and a smoothie sound perfect right now, enjoy!


  5. YAY for marked down clothing :)
    I absolutely love sales, and though I understand that MANY lifes have been effected by the current economic crisis, my life has only been touched in a most positive manner.

    My closet has grown :)

  6. its a good work .pictures are so cute,can i get u as my follower after reading my full paper post.i was the one of your follower too.


thanks for the note lovely =]