Thursday, February 5, 2009

i wish i wish i wish...

i wish i was more crafty; like many of the ladies here on blogger.
i wish i "loved" doing hair; as much as the other hairdressers i meet.
i wish everytime i took one step forward, in my career, i didnt take three steps back.
i wish i found more joy in little things.
i wish it were summer.
i wish i never had cancer.
i wish i didnt cry so easily.
i wish i had more than one %100 honest friend.
i wish i was more easily creative.
i wish i could think of another career i'd semi enjoy besides hairdressing.
i wish if i found said other career, i could afford to go to college.
i wish i had more sympathy and empathy for other people.
i wish i had health insurance.
i wish my boyfriend, who is the perfect boyfriend btw, finished college.

but most of all, these three things,
i wish i wasnt so hard on myself
i wish i didnt complain so much
i wish i was more grateful for the things i do have


  1. Okay well let's see here...
    maybe you would love doing hair more if you had clients that were more fun to talk to?
    many people don't find joy in little things because they don't stop to look at little things, maybe if you stopped to look at old couples walking together or birds building nests then you could say that you do enjoy little things.
    Crying is good for you so you shouldn't change that.
    I could be your sencond 100% honest friend, so that's taken care of. I'm a very honest person. ha ha.
    Oh! you should model and then you would get thousands and thousands of dollars! Anyone who likes fashion could do that plus you'd get to strut around in pretty clothes all day instead of touching people's heads. AND with all your extra money you could get health insurance!
    'tis the season to complain! I've been doing a lot of that lately! It bugs me when I do it too.
    If you really want to be grateful for what you have you need to go somewhere really poor like tijuana and talk to some of the people who don't even have plumbing or electricity.
    Hope this helped!One of my hobbies is trying to help people. I'm not sure if it always works but it's always worth a try.

  2. maybe try getting a sketchbook and drawing/journaling. there is a really cool book out that you can buy at most bookstores called "wreck this journal" and is for getting past creativity blocks.

    i've seen some really cool ones on flickr, check it out:

  3. You say it yourself don't be that hard on yourself sweetie, I also sometimes expect much from people and from life and get disappointed. But when I just do good or feel good regardless what life offers I can see the beauty in my life.


thanks for the note lovely =]