Sunday, March 1, 2009

oh my loves; how i apologize. i myself am going through an odd...transformation? not quite, but either way i feel something inside; waiting to be unleashed! i am taking a leave of the internet for an as of now undetermined amount of time, not as though i wont be browsing the internet, but i will not be contributing, mostly. no blogging, no facebook, no myspace. i will, erratically, post on tumblr, simple pictures, lines, quotes, in a slight experiment, of living my life for myself, not others, not an actress of the universe, but a person living for themselves, by which one may become enlightened, i know it all sound a little self indulgent, as it is, because i have been reading countless books, on my new amazon kindle, about all sorts of subjects, including enlightenment. i also have been truly and deeply trapped by a novel called "the thirteenth tale" which i really urge someone, anyone to read, so that i may share this book that has really made an impact on me. my life is now made up of reading, lots of the gym, tons more reading, cooking, nutrition, health, quiet thinking on the beach and in the shower hours on end, and throw in a few dashes of work, shopping, and being with my love, and time with my family. my life is going down a road im seeming to enjoy. i will let you all know my results soon enough, and i will miss you all. you can see small glimpses to my days on tumblr, here, and for now, that is all, and i bid you adieu.