Wednesday, February 4, 2009

lazy days for a not so boring lady =x

hello my darlings! so this morning i woke up feeling...almost fabulous! i am recovering! how lovely. i believe by tomorrow i will be one hundred percent. the only reason i thing i feel better is vitamin d! and of course tea, i have this tea i got from my local chinese restaurant called "good taste tea" that i think has magical healing powers. even though it says its made in brooklyn, not china. they gave me a big bag of like fifty of them last time i went! but honestly, since i started taking vitamin d i feel so much more energetic and happy. it really is the cure for the winter blues! please try it if winter has you feeling down. and of course kettle corn helps too. hehe.
then instead of doing all the things i need to do today; i lazed around and relaxed, so as not to delay my full recovery. took a long relaxing bath and went to work, which was very slow. although i am sort of semi thankful because i am in a hair cutting rut! every gentleman's haircut i seem to do has been coming out...well, not my best! which is unacceptable to me. i'm hoping to blame it on being under the weather! i am home once again, relaxing, once again. tomorrow will be more eventful my loves, i promise, really i do. i'm off to relax and read all of your lovely blogs with a cup of "cloud 9" tea from teavana! xo

au revoir

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thanks for the note lovely =]